Saturday, June 19, 2010

Working with the project


The first week has passed by at work. It was very interesting to visit the villages, and there are still three more to visit on monday. People in the villages have been very friendly and happy about the LIVEproject. Some of them have relatively small hindrances from better production, and some have bigger ones as in Kiwengwa the road construction and getting a generator. Yesterday we went to the caves, and they were fascinating, but bats and spiders were a little bit scary.

In two days we have been accompanied by Abo Akademi student Elias, who is writing an article about biodiversity. Unfortunately we didn't see the Red Colobus monkey yesterday when at Kiwengwa. The staff in DCCFF has been great and they have been very patient in translating our questions and the answers.

In our freetime we have gone to the beach and swam in the salty but warm Indian Ocean. The tides are unpredictable for us, so sometimes when we go there, the water is far away from the beach.

To be continued...

Elina, Kasa and Irene

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