Monday, July 12, 2010

Work continues..

Last week we have been working mainly with our reports. On Wednesday it was Sabasaba and we got a day off from work. Wednesday was also Elina’s last day in Zanzibar. Ever since we’ve been trying to get used to the life without her, feels odd when she’s not here!

Our reports are coming together a bit by bit, sometimes it’s difficult to continue writing when we haven’t managed to make any progress on other fields of the work. Last week we put together a summary on the trainings and study visits planned for this year and this week we’ll try to come up with some sort of schedule for them. Nora did some GIS magic and created a map of the GPS points we’d collected during the village visits. Everybody at the office seemed very pleased with the map (and everybody definitely saw the map and got their own copy since we had some "challenges" using the printer).

This week we’ll try and get a new estimation for fixing the road to the Kiwengwa caves. The estimation we have now is way beyond the project’s budget. We think for the time being it’s enough to do the minimum to make the road accessible. Later on when there is more money then the road can be fixed properly. On the things to do list for this week are also the brochures. We want to get them printed out (finally) and then discuss the hotel visits to improve the marketing of the products.

Even though last week was easy on the work, we were kept well busy with moving around Stone Town. On Wednesday we moved into a place with a unique cave-like atmosphere. Darkness, moistness, cockroachness.. Yesterday we moved out into a great place with lots of fresh air, open space, a roof terrace, a shower with hot water and a toilet that FLUSHES. We’re also very pleased with our new neighbours from South Africa, Germany, Kenya, Tanzania and Holland.

With the new home we are ready for the work this week!

Irene and Kaisa

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