Friday, May 8, 2009

Our first greetings from Zanzibar

We survived the weekend in Dar and now looking forward for the first weekend in Zanzibar. We have mainly tried to get used to the climate and culture and also tried to find our way around Stone Town's narrow streets.
We also have visited our local coordinator and project personnel in DCCFF.
We have been planning the baseline survey with Tamrini and other staff and we have made some progress also. Next week we will start survey in the villages, starting from Bambi village. We are supposed to get the survey done during the next two weeks. At the same time we probably will visit the caves from the Kiwa- project also.
In the weekend we were planning to get to know the northern coast so hoping for a good weather!

We had a nice picture to put here but this computer doesn't accept our memory stick so sorry for that. We'll try again next time!

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