Friday, May 22, 2009

One week left

Hello all!

Only a bit over one week left of this trip.
We have finished the village visits. Now we have started to go through all the interviews we made. This should take a few days, as there is quite a lot of people we have interviewed.

On Tuesday we had an exciting day. We had left from the last village and were driving along this small road near the forest reserve. There we met some guys with a big load of wood which was apparently illegally cut from the forest. It took some time to talk with the guys and move the wood from their wagon to our car. Then it took some more time to report about them at the police station. Apparently they will get a big fine which can be something like 300 000 TSH (one years income for many people).

Tomorrow we head to the Jozani forest to see a bit of the southern part of the island. Maybe we'll also see some more monkeys there.

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