Friday, May 15, 2009

News from Z'bar


During this week we have been visiting some of the villages around the KPFR. We have visited Bambi, Tunduni, Mchangani, Kilombero, Pangeni. Also we have seen some of their schools and some of their livelihoods (like beehives). All has gone well, people have been really nice and it has been nice to see life outside Stone Town. Next week we'll continue with the visits.

Today we went to see the caves from the last project (KIWA). Building for tourist reception and toilets seem to be in good condition, water tank/pump isn't working yet but should be ready for the in july when the caves should be opened to public.

We also went for a little walk in the forest around the caves and we were lucky and saw the red colobus monkeys. There seemed to be quite many of them and we even saw one with a baby. There was also a lot of butterflies around (and bats in the caves). We also went to see another cave from which water is pumped to the nearby hotels.

Now we are off to try the Zanzibarian banana-chocolate pizza. Byebye!

-Eve and Noora

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