Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emilia and Virve heading to Tanzania today

Hello readers,
Only few hours and I'll take a bus to airport. There I shall meet Emilia and due to this marvelous time-switch we have great opportunity to spend there one extra hour. Jei! Neither one of us has been in Africa before, so we are quite anxious to see how it is over there. Our plane leaves at 6.30 am, from Helsinki-Vantaa we are flying first to Amsterdam then Nairobi and from there to Dar Es Salaam where we have planned to stay couple of nights. Then we will take boat to Zanzibar where we can really start to work with the project.

Ok, do I have everything under control? Let's see...
Backpack? Packed. Passport? checked (at least three times).Camera? Checked. Big bag of medicine? Packed. Salmiakki? Yes, it's packed too:)Me? Well, I think I'm ready to go!


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