Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Previously on Emilia's and Virve's trip...

Since the last update we have seen monkeys and peacocks in Dar es Salaam's urban jungle, took a three hour ferry ride to Zanzibar and saw some dolphins from the deck. We also got sunburnt during that ferry ride, despite of the +40 sun lotion and the fact that we were sitting in the shadow. Lesson? Don't ever underestimate the power of the sun near the equator. We have also witnessed a few tropical rainshowers here, but we have manage to stay quite dry.
Today we saw Tamrini, the DCCFF project coordinator and all the other staff there. We made some plans for the next three weeks and tomorrow we start visiting villages, Bambi and Tunduni first.We are really looking forward to get to know the villages and start to cooperate with them. We have also started to prepare our presentation about baseline survey, which Noora and Eve made last time here. Our presentation should be on 6th of November.
Stone Town is a place where people with no sense of directions can easily get lost. Yes, that's us. Hopefully we manage to move around more easily after spending little more time here. We try to load some pictures here, but because the net connections are what they are, it may not happen...

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