Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend greetings from Zanzibar

We found a really nice cafe with wireless internet connection so we are sitting on a pillows and drinking cold ginger beer and enjoying the opportunity by blogging of course. Yesterday we went to street market to test the limit of our tummies with a grilled banana and coconut bread. Later we went to a restaurant to hear some local taarab music. Today was officially our first day-off and we decided to spend it like real tourists. We booked a boat to Prison Island, which lies 30 minutes boat ride away from Stone Town. It was supposed to be a prison in 19th century, but due to cholera and black plague it was changed to quarantine island. Nowadays there is a hotel and it is a home to 118 really really sympathetic giant tortoises which have lived there almost hundred years. We even got to feed them some spinach. We also saw little antelopes, no higher than 35-45cm, called digi-digi and some birds. After watching animals we went to the coral reef to snorkel and for the first time in my life I put the flippers and the mask on and went to the ocean. Emilia had had one experience before, so we were both amateurs. Corals were fantastic, it felt that we were part of some Natural Geography document. Fish were really colorful and we saw also lots of spiky sea urchins. No barracudas, no sharks as our guide promised to us. Our Saturday here continues so, that we are trying to find some decent place to eat and because our very high work ethics :D, maybe some report writing too. Tomorrow we are also planning to do some work by shopping. It IS important to get to know already existing products if were trying to do some marketing here. Don't you think?

Oh, and Happy Halloween to everyone!

Virve and Emilia

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