Friday, October 30, 2009

Visiting villages


It has been really hot and humid in Zanzibar. Even the locals say that it is too hot so it is not just we. Today we drank first time coconut juice in a market place and it was really good:) Yesterday and today we visited four different villages with Tamrini and other guys from DCCFF. The idea is to learn about the livelihoods and take some pictures of the products. We can use the pictures to make some brochures etc. In the villages we saw how women were doing some handcrafts like baskets and clay pots. Some of them are going to get more training to do bigger and more decorated things especially for tourists. We saw also some fields were people were growing vegetables(egg plants, onions, water melons etc) and woodlods were they grow akasia trees for building materials. Some of them are also keeping bees and having chickens. We have used to get the attention of the children when they see us especially in the villages. Once we even got hugs.

Emilia and Virve

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