Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More villages and the caves

On Sunday we went to the national museum of Zanzibar which was really interesting and there was also a bit cooler than outside. We also did some shopping in the local shops. So now we have some souvenirs. On Monday the visits to the villages continued and we saw more some vegetable fields, chickens and some quite ugly ducks. We went also to the beach in Matemwe were local fishermen sold their fish on the sand and kids were cleaning them. All the kids here know how to say hello in Italian because there are so much Italian tourists. So every time they see us they say Ciao. This is the first country when someone has thought we are Italians:) By the way we have also heard to be sisters and once even twins. Maybe we have spent too much time together;)Today we went to see how people where growing some seaweed in Kiwengwa beach. They were very colorful: blue, green, red and purple. The last stop today was in the cave in Kiwengwa. The cave has been made to be a tourist attraction by support of the earlier project (Kiwa) of Turku Geographical Society. Everything there seemed to be almost ready just tourists were missing. The caves are really beautiful and very big. It is dark inside the cave and we had flashlights to see our steps. We saw lots of bats, big spiders, ants, and one very very big millipede. Very exciting and we recommend it for everyone but remember to wear long trousers and decent shoes because ants in your pants is not a nice experience;) Trust me!

Emilia and Virve

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