Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday greetings from warm Zanzibar

Were just sitting on the terrace of Livingstone beach restaurant and watching a rat running up and down on a coconut tree :)Yes, but let's get to the point. So this week has been very busy and we have had opportunity to see and done lots of things. On Wednesday was our last official village visit to Kilombero. We got chance to see how the honey is collected from the beehives among other things. On Thursday we were suppose to have day-off, but when we got chance to see how women of Mchangani were trained to dye palm leafs for making baskets, we seized the opportunity and went to see training in action. We also got to take part by splitting the palm leafs before they were dyed.

Today we had an exciting day. First we took the dala-dala (local minibus) very first time to the DCCFF office and then we had our presentation to DCCFF staff about the baseline survey, which Noora and Eve made last time here. People had very good and constructive comments and the whole occasion succeeded quite well. On the way home we celebrated by buying some fresh tomatoes from Darajani market and some chapatis near our hotel. So, it is weekend and we are planning to go tomorrow to the Zanzibar Park. Maybe we even get some time to hop on dala-dala and go some beach to swim a bit.

By the way, we are so familiar sights here in Livingstone restaurant with our laptop that the staff has started to greet us like friends :) I must say, that this has been a very good opportunity to recall what we learned in swahili course in Turku. But now it's time to have something to eat. Baadaye! (see you later)

Virve and Emilia

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