Saturday, November 14, 2009


Another week in Zanzibar is at the end. After the last update we have burned ourselves in the sun, rode bicycles at coral stone road and also noticed that there can be quite big spiders in dala-dala. Ok, so we made some brochures at the beginning of this week at the DCCFF office. We have also wrote our report on our spare time, so we have had a busy week. One day we decided to took day-off and headed to the beach but once again we noticed that the sun cannot be underestimated here: result of our beach day was pink skin. Yesterday we visited the Jozani forest. Tamrini was kind enough to arrange a transportation there. Unfortunately there was a forest fire in Jozani so he went to see the situation with lots of watering cans. We didn't get to put out the forest fire maybe it would have been too dangerous so we just stayed in the safer side of Jozani. There we saw quite a few red colobus monkeys in the forest. One of them was so curious that it touched my shoe and put it's little face very close to my camera objective. We had also chance to improve our biking skills with some kinds of bicycles. We rode about 1,5 kilometers to see the mangrove forest. It was quite amazing experience and the forest was really nice too. After walking in forest and playing with monkeys we took a dala-dala back to Stone Town. I must say that it's always kind of an adventure to travel with dalas. This time fire woods were piled on the roof of the bus and we had to stop once in a while to collect the woods from the road. Lucky for us the male passengers did that. Besides little delays there was a huge spider running on the floor. Yeah, some things I won't be missing...

So next we are heading to north. I'm going to spend couple of days in beaches of Kendwa and Emilia is heading far more north all the way to Finland. So next week it's just me, but I try to update the greetings from here every now and then.

Virve and Emilia

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