Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greetings again from Zanzibar

Hello all,
I just got back to Stone Town from beautiful Kendwa, where it is very easy to forget that anything bad exists in the world. Reality stroke back when I arrived in Stone Town and called to Tamrini who was at that moment fighting against a forest fire. Again! This time it was in Bambi village which we had visited earlier. Tomorrow I was supposed to take part of training a group in Kandwi but due to the forest fire it seems unlikely now. But I do have lots of other things to do here, finishing the brochures and the report for example.

This time I will write only briefly because the clock is ticking and my internet time is about to end soon. Just want to say greetings to all my friends, I'll be seeing you soon. And Emilia, I miss your company :)


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