Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working and visiting the Zanzibar park

Last Saturday we decided to go to local Zanzibar park to see some animals. The park is really new and it was opened only a few weeks ago. Therefore some parts were still under construction. We saw there e.g. zebras, hyenas, baboons, python, baby crocodiles and different kind of birds like lovebirds and vultures. We also fed again some tortoises (giant and small ones) and rode with camel. It was really exciting to ride and we were both quite relieved when it was over. The highlight of our visit was when we were aloud to hold hyena babies. They were really cute and it is so strange how something so cute can turn to something not so cute when it is older.

On Sunday we tried to go to the beach for the first time. There was suppose to be a beach quite near of Stone town. Well there was a beach but not a beach where you could swim. There were only some local men fishing and because of the tide the water was very far from the shore. So our beach day was not so successful but maybe next time we will find a better beach.

Yesterday and today we have been making flyers and brochures of the products that people are selling in their villages. The idea is to advertise the local products to hotels and tourists and increase the income of the villagers.

Emilia and Virve

P.S Yesterday we were called albinos. Seems that it is really time for us to head to beach!

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