Friday, November 20, 2009

Going home tomorrow...

Hi all,
Yes, this is my last whole day in Zanzibar. Tomorrow I'm taking a ferry to Dar es Salaam and I'll be back in Finland on Sunday morning. So the forest fire spoiled our plans to go to Kandwi but instead I managed to take part of the fire fighting operation in Bambi where the forest fire was still going on. I know, it appears more glamorous than it was and I don't think that I was helping much, but it was quite interesting experience. Although I haven't ever heard word "mzungu" (which means white person) so often than that time in forest. I guess everybody were wondering what on earth I was doing there and to be honest, sometimes I wondered it myself too... I guess it was so odd, that woman from Dar Es Salaam media was filming me. So maybe I'm celebrity now, who knows :D At that evening my friend Maria, who is studying now in University of Dar es Salaam, came here and it was really nice to have company. On Thursday we went to the office to gather some information and after that we went to shopping with Miza, who works in DCCFF. It was really nice experience to go shopping with local person, she knew all the best places and we had really nice time.

So this is my last greetings from Zanzibar. I hope that someone has red the blog and maybe even enjoied doing it. Zanzibar has been an experience I will remember very long but home is home and I will return to Finland gladly with great experiences and memories of sun :D


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